The Association

About the Association:

The Springwells Park Association, Inc., is a non-profit, non-political organization, incorporated in 1948 for and by the residents to encourage neighborliness and pride of living in this community, among both home owners and renters.  It is a member of the Dearborn Federation of Civic Associations.

The Association is unique among similar organizations, in that it is the owner of park areas and sidewalk easements that serve the community and enhance the beauty of the area.  Together with the Association’s obligation to enforce restrictions within the subdivision, as stipulated by the Ford Foundation, the Association had provided a strong and effective voice in affairs that affect our community.  

The elected officers, committees, and area representatives devote an amazing amount of their spare time to promote the interest and welfare of the residents and property owners.  Ten meetings are held yearly, or as called by an officer.  Four of these are general meetings to which all members are invited.  Details are explained in our By-Laws.  

A children’s Halloween party is held annually, and the Association arranges Santa’s visits to the neighborhood each Christmas.  Easter brings the annual Easter Bunny treat for the youngsters as well.  Other get-togethers and social events are held from time to time throughout the year.  Committees work on publishing the Blue Book every two years, social activities, school relations, communications with industrial neighbors, and restrictions and improvements enforcement as well as charitable efforts in the community.  

One of the unique features of the area are the flags provided by the Association, which are in the custody of a resident on each Street.  When you see these flags flying, it will perhaps remind you of the great country, and fine community, in which we live.  

We invite you to attend our meetings… to join us in solving our problems… and share with us our fun.  The Association is yours: help in function and all of us will enjoy “Better Homes, Better Community, Better Living.”  

General Meetings: Springwells Park Association, Inc. holds its general meetings in September, November, February, and May.  They are currently held at St. Joseph ’s Hall.

Executive Meetings: The executive committee meetings are held normally in October, December, January, March, April and June.  They usually meet at the Springwells Park Apartments Clubhouse.  Their meetings are also open to the public.