Springwells Park Association Dues

Association dues are $35 per year and are due on July 1st on every year.  You can also be a benefactor for $100 and have your name published in the newsletter or contribute to the tree fund ($35 is recommended, but any amount is appreciated).  Your dues are used to pay the property taxes for the common areas, fix the entrance walkways to the common areas, for the special events that our neighborhood puts on, upkeep of Eastham Island, the website, and other items needed to keep our neighborhood the kind of place that people love to live in.  Click here for a link to the form to be filled out to pay your dues and also assure that your name and phone will be included in the Blue Book that will be coming out later this year.

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Property Improvement Application

Property owners must receive approval from the Restrictions and Improvements Committee before beginning work on external property improvements, renovations or additions to assure compliance with Springwells Park Subdivision Deed Restrictions.  The permit approval process assures compliance with deed restrictions and is required regardless of whether a building permit is required by the city of Dearborn. When a city permit is required, the Springwells Park permit must be granted prior to application for the City of Dearborn building permit.  Springwells Park property owners are legally bound to comply with Springwells Park Subdivision Deed Restrictions.

Please complete the Property Improvement Application and submit to Rick Sims, Chairperson of the Restrictions and Improvement Committee at 8 Adams Lane, along with the builder’s or contractor’s contract, pictures, sketches or blueprints and sample colors. If you have questions please call Rick Sims at 313-240-6632 (if not available, contact Robert Villa at 313-717-2826).

The Property Improvement Application is also available under the “Restrictions” tab under “Association”.

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